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It’s amazing when you can trust your photographer

companies that are experiencing the difference

"After 16k homes shot, we are still listening to you, and striving to help you and your business succeed."
Michael Schneider
Owner & Founder

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What agents are saying

"We are grateful for our SOLD REM family for all you do. ...we could not do it without the professionalism and expertise you all bring. Looking forward to a wonderful 2020!
Sally Cashman
Luxury Realtor
"I started using SOLD doing a few shots at a time because many of the photographers that I have used make me promises and never follow through by showing up on time and doing quality work. I am now convinced that Michael is the photographer for me…"
Bobby Lieb
"I’ve worked with the guys at Antik Media for several years and I adore them! They are fun and creative AND always prompt to arrive at appointments on time and very timely in getting the photos edited and back to our team to get the homes sold fast and for top Dollar!"
Shanna Day

Why use SOLD?

Our agents see each listing as an opportunity to invest in themselves and earn more listings. Each listing is a reflection of you and your work. Put the best out there for others to see.

There is a difference. 

No random photographer or editor. 

Same quality and experience every time.

Local, family-owned, and operated. 


Every listing reflects you as an agent. Make sure you're making each and every listing count. Our certified team is trained to know what to look for and capture it as best as possible.

2D Floor plan

Complete your listing with an actual floor plan. This has been great for both the buyer and seller as well.


Video doesn't only attract more viewers, it helps you stand out to your sellers. Video can also be done very badly... Let our trained team handle smooth, beautiful video that keeps a viewer engaged longer. 1:27 second average to be exact 🙂


Video has taken us by storm. Join the new wave gaining more clicks and views than any other listing. Stand out!


Another wow factor for potential buyers, current sellers, and future clients. Professional/Certified pilots capturing aerial vies and video to help you and your listing.

Virtual Staging

Help your vacant homes be more inviting.

Interactive Floor Plans

Take your floor plan to a new level. Adding images allows for a "walk-through" with out the craziness.

Interactive Floor Plans

Take your floor plan to a new level. Adding images allows for a "walk-through" with out the craziness.
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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. We only shoot in HD. Our videos are also HD. Our cameras dont know any different 🙂

If your photos are small it is because they were not downloaded correctly. There are 2 options in your portal to download full size or MLS size. See our Help Videos for more information.

Watch these videos to help properly download and upload to MLS.